Matthew Corrin’s Fresh Approach in Business

Posted on March 23, 2012


One day seven years ago, Matthew Corrin found himself in a state of disappointment. In a Midtown Manhattan deli, hungry and sick of eating greasy fast-food, something inside him snapped. Right then and there, he decided to come up with a healthier yet equally sumptuous alternative to diner food.

Corrin returned to his roots in Canada, asked seed money from his parents, and opened his very first restaurant: Freshii, which offered a healthy, affordable menu.  Today, the once inexperienced entrepreneur is the proud owner of an international chain; Freshii is now found in over 50 locations in four different countries, with over 400 stores on the way.

By creating a fast-food option, Corrin landed spot on’s Top 30 Under 30. To have achieved and brought change to the food industry at such a young age is truly remarkable, given that he had limited knowledge and experience in business to begin with.

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