Bart Decreme “Taps” His Way to Disney

Posted on February 24, 2012


In July 2008, the iOS music game Tap Tap Revenge was launched. Within a short period of 20 days, this game became the most downloaded game of the year with nearly 1 million downloads. This figure was enough to launch Bart Decreme, CEO of Tapolous and the game’s creator, into a string of successes.

One of Fast Company’s most creative entrepreneurs created Tap Tap Revenge to provide iPhone users a game that simulates the “Guitar Hero” experience. Ever since it was launched, Tap Tap has become the most popular application on both the iPod Touch and the iPhone. According to one study, the game is played by one out of three American iPhone users. Decreme’s success story with Tap Tap was so unbelievable that even Disney came knocking on his door.

After lengthy talks, Tapulous was acquired by Disney in 2010. Decreme is now a top-notch executive at the Mouse’s House and continues to be at large in the creation of entertaining and amusing games.

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