The Multiplier Function by Derek Sivers

Posted on February 9, 2012


What happens to an idea that isn’t developed? It remains to be just that, an idea, a thought, and intangible. Derek Sivers, founder of values an idea with execution because it maximizes the multiplier function of the former.

CD Baby has been around since 1998, distributing independent music to lovers of sound. As a professional musician dating back in 1987, Sivers discovered the potential of online distribution when he sold his CD through his website. As a result, other artists came forward and asked if he could initiate the same set-up and carry over other’s music.

With every purchase from the store, a larger part goes to the artists behind the music, allowing them to continue exploring new ideas and even recording new ones for public consumption.

Sivers has since moved on to another business named MuckWork after selling CD Baby. All other updates on his new brainchild are found in his site.

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