Andrew Warner on Entrepreneurship: Know It All from a Mix of Ideas

Posted on February 7, 2012


Andrew Warner is an entrepreneur who knows his game and how to spin it to his advantage. First proof would have to be his choice of company name, made together with his brother. “Bradford and Reed” gives anyone an impression that it’s for serious business; it did help them get their calls answered by offices that associated them with law/venture capital firms.

This choice was Warner’s way of giving their business an edge. Once the first base was reached, he then had the chance to pitch his proposals, and the chance of being heard and considered did them good.

However, that was then. In his attempts to explore and pursue new ideas, he sold the company and is now known to be the man behind, a blog that lets you learn from proven entrepreneurs. The purpose of the site is to expose the ambitious to a collection of entrepreneurial stories that will educate, motivate and inspire.

Warner believes that there is no “know-it-all,” and Mixergy is his way of encouraging aspiring entrepreneurs to grow by learning from a mix of thoughts, advises and even idiosyncrasies. When visions are big and you feel like they’re too much to handle, being alone in your venture is the least of the things you want to be. In which case, you need to keep the learning process going by taking insights from those who have useful knowledge to share, simply because they have already experienced it before.

Leslie Samuel’s article about Mixergy singles out the company as the most valuable Internet Marketing tool she has by quitting all other programs she previously enrolled in. She explains that the interviews featured aren’t your usual boring talks. They are entertaining, and the more you get exposed to different views, it makes you think like an entrepreneur too. And when you think as one, eventually, you will become one.