Amazon’s Jeff Bezos

Posted on February 1, 2012


Jeffrey “Jeff” P. Bezos, Amazon founder and CEO, is a “study in contradictions.” Looking inside the mind of Bezos tells us this.

If some people pay more attention to behaviors, Bezos is among those who are keen on business details. In fact, as a young boy, he had a fascination for computers and displayed a striking mechanical aptitude. He used his exceptional skills quite early on, thus making his childhood filled with scientific interests.

Bezos, now 49 years old, is a graduate of Princeton University and known as a notable dot-com entrepreneur that went on to become a billionaire. His brainchild,, was introduced in 1994 and was first operated in Bezos’ garage.

To date, Bezos has gained well acclaimed recognition in magazines, some of which include being the Person of the Year for Time in the year 1999 and being selected as among the best leaders that America had by U.S. News & World Report.

With his achievements, Bezos is touted by some as the next Steve Jobs. With his creativity and passion, this prediction might just as well come true.

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