Anya Hindmarch: Starting Young

Posted on January 25, 2012


How do people build businesses from the ground up? By seeing potential and giving it a go. While others inherit familial responsibilities, noted luxury handbag designer Anya Hindmarch ventured into entrepreneurship at the young age of 18.

It started with the covetable bag that Italian girls were eyeing while she was in Florence. Seeing that the demand was remarkable, she decided to have a prototype made of similar kind in a factory and introduced it to the UK market. The borrowed $1000 to fund the startup proved to be fruitful, as Hindmarch never had to work for anyone else since then.

Hindmarch’s big break came in the form of a good response to an ad that sealed the deal for her future success. Harpers & Queen, now known as Harper’s Bazaar, agreed to offer the bags. Much to her surprise, the readers’ orders totaled 500. From that point on, the handbag designer’s creations gained recognition among stores that were “in the scene” in London, and this contributed to her early success.

However, like any growing business, one has to catch up with the demands in record speed or deliveries won’t make it. But given her expertise and her experience, what can she advice to inspire the new generation of fashion entrepreneurs?

Design-wise, Hindmarch explains that there has to be something special so that customers will keep patronizing your products. According to her, sweet talk is essential. Also, apart from creativity, designers have to be business-savvy. This combination of traits is a sure recipe for success.

Now with more or less 50 stores under her line across the globe, Hindmarch introduces at least three collections to the market yearly. Her designs are now “the covetable” especially among A-list celebrities. As for global cause awareness, the “I’m NOT a plastic bag” eco tote bag that was created in collaboration with We Are What We Do generated good reviews among fashion circles and consumers.

“Just get going and don’t give up.” That is her golden rule. From her story of success, we can see how starting young and persevering can lead you to success.

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