Luke Rajlich Harvests Success Through Farmville

Posted on January 18, 2012


Online games are no longer for elite gamers. While the world of gaming may have been dominated by gaming addicts and aficionados, this is no longer the trend today. Ordinary netizens are beginning to appreciate simple online games that don’t require much “skill” or “technique”. With this in mind, software engineers have foraged into the world of game development, and some have succeeded. One of them is Luke Rajlich, the Chief Technology Officer of Zynga’s mega-hit Farmville.

The co-founder of a small software start-up called MyMiniLife, Rajlich found himself at Zynga after his company was acquiesced. It did not seem good at first, but we can safely say today that joining Zynga is probably the turning point of his life. At his new company, Rajlich created the first simple online game that harvested 75 million players per month. Everyone was hooked; it only took four days for the game to reach a million players. After sixty days, the number rose to an astounding ten million. Even with PacMan, Tetris and Sims, Farmville remains to be the most played game ever in the history of social gaming. According to Rajlich, this was the biggest surprise of his career.

This innovative entrepreneur is also hailed as one of the smartest people in tech.  True enough, only a man of his skill can take social gaming mainstream.  He was able to use old technology he created at his company, MyMiniLife, and integrate it into the new game. By mixing the old and the new, Rajlich has brought amusement to millions of people.

Farmville, however, has reportedly lost quite a number of players recently. With this development, Rajlich is expected to build a new game that would display his innovation. Under his direction, Zynga is yet to provide social gamers something that would match or even exceed Farmville’s success.