Christophe Bisciglia’s String of Innovations, from Google to Cloudera

Posted on January 17, 2012


Like most software engineers, Christophe Bisciglia felt exhausted after years of working at Google. For four years, his life was all about creating search algorithms until he decided that he needed to do something new. This “something” came in the form of a new college course for computer science students. He introduced the concept of large scale computing to undergrads in Washington, which is now known as Google’s Academic Cloud Computing Initiative.

After developing the first large scale computing course, the smartest engineer left Google and started his own company called Cloudera. This allowed him to explore the possibilities of Hoodap, an open-source project. With this venture, the entrepreneur revolutionized computing efficiencies and took them to a whole new level. His innovation enabled engineers to work in a network of hundreds of computers. Consumers can also use Cloudera to harness the benefits of cloud computing in their daily lives.

As of today, Bisciglia is no longer a part of Cloudera but his innovations during his involvement gave the company as well as the industry a new direction.

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