The Record-Breaking Entrepreneur, Wayne Huizenga

Posted on December 5, 2011


Wayne Huizenga is the only person in history to ever build three Fortune 100 companies from scratch and develop six NYSE-listed companies. During the course of his career, he also became the owner of three pro teams: the Miami Dolphins, the Florida Marlins baseball team and the Panthers hockey team.

As one of the most successful and wealthy entrepreneurs in the world, Huizenga has surely done a lot during his lifetime. But before all the money and power, the businessman was just an average truck driver and gasoline boy, trying to make ends meet. He was raised by his mother after his parents divorced. With limited financial resources, Huizenga was forced to leave college to work with a family friend who owned a garbage collection company. Little did he know that this opportunity would lead him to create his very first Fortune 100 company.

Within two years, Huizenga was able to buy his own truck and start his own business. This became the foundation of Waste Management Inc. (WMI). During his business’ early years, the entrepreneur would personally do door-to-door marketing to drum up his young company. From one truck, Huizenga was able to grow his company to have 40 trucks locally. Merging with a Chicago business gave him WMI, which became the largest waste disposal company in America with nearly 150 local and regional garbage services.

In 1987, Huizenga went from founding to funding as he and two partners purchased the then underdeveloped Blockbuster. Today, Blockbuster is a $4 billion global enterprise. Autonation, the first nationwide auto dealer in the U.S., was his third company. Last year, he launched his fourth act: a $57 billion commercial cleaning business.

The formula to Huizenga’s success has been proven time and time again. Each of his companies has set new standards of professionalism and service, making him a benchmark for success for many other entrepreneurs.

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