David Filo’s Struggle to Keep Yahoo!

Posted on November 20, 2011


There are quite a number of Ivy League students making waves in the field of online entrepreneurship and David Filo is one of them.  Co-founder of popular search engine Yahoo!, Filo has helped revolutionize the Internet experience for millions of users.

Born in Wisconsin in 1966, Filo was always a consistent dean’s lister. He attended high school at Sam Houston High School in Louisiana and pursued a degree in Computer Engineering at Tulane University; he graduated from both schools with flying colors. He then took his studies to Stanford University and obtained a Master of Science degree. But aside from an advanced degree, Filo was able to meet his business partner and start his business at Stanford.

Jerry Yang and David Filo. image via Mitchell Aidelbaum

Filo met Jerry Yang, a fellow computer engineer, at the university. Both of them started surfing the young, fledgling Internet for leisure. With thousands of new websites appearing daily, Filo and Yang were inspired to create a directory to improve the Internet surfing experience. Thus, Yahoo! was born.

Yahoo!  was originally built to organize websites and help others find relevant sites. Today, the company has grown to provide users other services, such as shopping, online dating and website hosting. In the battle of the search engines, Yahoo! is one of the best.

But despite the success of his company, Filo finds himself in a tough spot. It was recently reported that Yang and Filo are not on the same page regarding the direction of their brainchild. Yang wishes to buy the company back, but Filo – who owns a bigger share than Yang – is obviously in disagreement.

Still, Filo is keen on taking an open-minded approach to handle the affairs of the company. He remains resilient yet principled amidst the clash of powers within the company. Under Filo’s leadership, Yahoo! will continue to be one of the best IT companies in the coming years.

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