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Injury Inspires Entrepreneur to Start New Business

November 28, 2011


Todd Brown was an avid athlete and a motocross rider. As a restaurant owner, he did extreme sports for leisure and to relieve the stress of his chosen career. Unfortunately, his love for motocross riding ultimately made him pay a painful price. Brown seemed to have his life on track in his mid-20s, but all […]

How Unemployment Saved Mena and Ben Trott

November 24, 2011


Husband and wife team Mena and Ben Trott have experienced the hard life. In 2001, they were laid off from their jobs at a small Web design firm. She was a designer and he was an engineer, a perfect tandem at any other time. Unfortunately, they lost their jobs during the dot-com bust which was […]

David Filo’s Struggle to Keep Yahoo!

November 20, 2011


There are quite a number of Ivy League students making waves in the field of online entrepreneurship and David Filo is one of them.  Co-founder of popular search engine Yahoo!, Filo has helped revolutionize the Internet experience for millions of users. Born in Wisconsin in 1966, Filo was always a consistent dean’s lister. He attended […]

Michael Bloomberg as a Businessman and Politician

November 16, 2011


It’s hard to believe that a city mayor would land on Forbes lists of billionaires, but Michael Bloomberg made it. To those who don’t know him, Bloomberg is the New York City Mayor and a powerful business magnate. Though Bloomberg as a billionaire public official have irked more than a few people, he certainly earned […]

Lin Merage: Green Advocate

November 15, 2011


After suffering with a medical condition known as chemical sensitivity, Colorado-based entrepreneur Lin Merage conducted comprehensive research on toxic substances and their effects on human health. Based on what she learned, Ms. Merage founded the online store Solne Collections with the goal of offering healthful, environmentally sensitive products. Since 2004, Solne has catered to the […]

Ryan North’s Online (and Offline) World

November 13, 2011


In online comic circles, as with any industry, there is the old guard and the new. Of the old guard, there is one who towers — literally and figuratively — above the rest: Ryan North, creator of the fixed-art webcomic Dinosaur Comics, and developer of new and easier ways for creators to advertise themselves and […]

Steven Wolt; Insurance and Entrepreneurship

November 10, 2011


An insurance sales professional and entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience in his field, Steven Wolt currently serves in an executive capacity at ParqAdvisors in Beverly Hills, California. Commanding an impressive professional background, Steven Wolt began to lay the academic foundations for his career while an undergraduate at Fordham University in New York […]