Prerna Gupta’s Journey to Finding Her Passion

Posted on October 17, 2011


Prerna GuptaSix years ago, Prerna Gupta was fresh out of Stanford and working as a management consultant for a prestigious firm.  She was on track to earning a six figure salary within three years. She lived the dream life most fresh grads wished to have. However, she decided to quit. Why?

When she was not at work, she often dreaded what was quickly turning out to be a thankless cycle called work. Gupta simply wanted to wake up and become excited about what was ahead. Most people can relate to this feeling, but only few take the risk of starting something on their own. Gupta is one of them.

After six months, she quit and decided to join a venture capital firm at Silicon Valley, inching closer to entrepreneurship. After just six weeks, she again quit, tired of selling something she had no passion for. It was at this point that she decided to become an entrepreneur, barely a year out of college and nothing but empty pockets.

Through the help of family and friends, Gupta was able to start her own business, Khush Inc., which created an iPhone application called LaDiDa. Launched in 2009, the app now has over two million downloads. It is consistently on the top 10 list among paid music apps. One time, when Khush offered LaDiDa for free, it became the number 1 free music application in America and 14 other countries.

With this innovation, Gupta has become a pioneer in high-tech music for the masses. The best part of it all is that she now wakes up each day with a renewed hope and excitement, something she never experienced before as an employee.  With passion, even the most mundane tasks seem to have purpose.

As an entrepreneur who took a chance, she says that the risk is worthwhile and necessary for fulfillment.

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